Hello readers

What a day! Already. I slept rubbish last night. Kept having weird dreams and jumping in my sleep. Surprised I didn’t fall out of bed. I’ve realised I don’t dream as much when I’m asleep and it’s starting to get light outside. For some reason. I got some sleep though and seen as I’m only just getting up and it 12.40 I suppose I’ve been in bed long enough. I don’t think I went to sleep until maybe 3/4 though and it was broken sleep so I’m not just being lazy.

So yeah I need to get sorted, go to work, go buy some people some birthday presents and then go to our friends because they need my SO to help them sort some wires out in their house. Then after that it’s home to chill.

I emailed T yesterday. She didn’t reply yet. She most likely won’t untill maybe tomorrow evening or Monday morning. Probably anyway. Never know she might reply tonight. I’m not seeing her next week. She has to go to a conference for her work. They must always do them on Fridays so people can travel to them and have all weekend to get back home.  I dunno. They are almost always on Friday though. Anyway, we are waiting to hear from her when she switches off for Christmas. We asked yesterday but she wasn’t 100% sure so said she would email us about it. She used to do the week before and a couple of week after. I just need to know so I can save the Information to my head. 🙂

I need to move, and get my lazy ass going. I’m starved. My tummy is making all kinds of noises at me. I hate eating when I’ve just woke up. I’ll find something though. Gotta eat something. Need to wake SO up too. Maybe I kept him awake rolling around, jumping and waking up myself. Who knows.

Everyone inside feels chilled today.  Expect the ones who are never chilled. They are content with our stuff to do today. (Not that I am) I’d rather chill all day at home but needs must. Sooner we get out and done, the sooner we will be home.

Ooh I’m gonna have my first coffee in days today at our friends house. From her espresso machine. Nom nom nom 🙂

Hope everyone else has a good day.

See ya


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