Journal from 6-8 years ago

I was looking through an old scrap booking journal earlier and wanted to share some of the pages. I was a very confused teen back then.



I used to scribble and doodle alot in my free time. Some of the other pages were just a quote with hundreds of little stars surrounding them I must have had far too much time on my hands. I couldn’t sit snd do the same thing for so long now, and I prefer to write on the computer.


6 thoughts on “Journal from 6-8 years ago

  1. i too had journals like that, but i can’t stand to look at them when i’m done with them, so i don’t have any any more. they sure do show how we really felt, but no one ever saw.

    • This one is from so long ago I have others with just words too. I dont look at them. I was looking at it really to read poems I had written when I was younger. Its weird how we change the way we word / draw feeling as we grow up. I used to have loadsbof scraps of paper, pictures and stuff from when I was growing up but i burnt them all a while ago because I thought they were gonna expose me. Sometimes its nice to share things. I feel I can share these few pages on here because they are very tame compared tonsome others and it is a memory I want to kee safe. Here keeps it safe and anonymous 🙂 how r u today anyway.

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