Dentists done, for now.

So i pulled through this morning and went to do the dentist. I kept reminding myself i was okay! That i needn’t worry. I started the day as usual, in the bathroom brushing my teeth and etc. Then came downstairs and immediately when i started thinking dentist put music on and wore my earphones! To stop the thoughts really. I actually was listening to Beethoven Moonlight Sonata, and Vivaldi Four Seasons. It calmed me down! Then in the car on the way i listened too, and in the waiting room! I didn’t feel like i needed to walk out. I was anxious, but i didn’t feel like i was gonna have a major episode and die if i stayed like last time. The music clearly calmed me down! I was waiting probably 10 minutes, and unlike last time, that didn’t feel like a major amount of time. I visited the bathroom, then it was my turn.

Nerves kind of started kicking in, and by the time i got in the chair i was shaking! The dentist was talking to me, and being really patient and nice. She gave me a shot, it was some numbing stuff, and she said that i’d feel a little bit of a racey heart immediately after. Understatement of the year, i thought i was going to die! My heart was beating out of my chest. I felt every symptom of panic i’ve ever been unfortunate enough to experience all at once. It was damn horrible. I struggled to calm myself down. It took about 5 minutes before i felt like my heart slowed. It wasn’t nice. She gave me another injection too. Right beside the tooth. That one was okay. Then she had to put this plastic sheet thing in my mouth! I begged her beforehand not to suffocate me! Like you do. When she was doing it i was fighting back tears, and had continued shaking from earlier. So bad shaking. It must have been noticeable too because the assistant was touching my arm to try soothe me. Not that it worked! They started trying to do the root canal after they’d got the mouth guard plastic stuff in, and after giving me 5 minutes to calm down after them doing that. As soon as they began though i felt pain, so lifted my hand to make her stop. She did! Immediately stopped! She put some anaesthetic on it to try numb it more. Then gave me another 5-10 minutes to calm down, before she tried again. Still wasn’t numb, so she has put a dressing on it, and filled it again.

She said the pulp is inflamed. Alot. I don’t know what that means, but she said that the numbing stuff couldn’t work as well because of that. So we are waiting until after Christmas to see how we progress forward. It may just be a tooth out job. Which as long as it numbs, i don’t mind. She took all of the plastic and etc out of my mouth though and i said to her that the numbing injections hadn’t numbed me at all, I think she was surprised. She said well sometimes they don’t work as well with inflammation. To which i replied, No, it didn’t go numb, at all! I’m weird. I’m impossible to numb. So that ordeal is over for now. Thank god! I made it through.

After the dentist though, our car decided to break!!!

We started it outside the dentist, and it laboured to start. Then wasn’t running at 100% and then it died near our house. So we had to get roadside. Well turns out the alternator has gone :(:(:( So we took it to a garage to be fixed. It’s an expense we didn’t need, this close to Christmas, i wish it hadn’t broken. Once it’s fixed though, it’s fixed.

Damn cars. The guy from roadside assistance was a gent though. Really helped us out. At least money wise if we struggle, we can ask SOs mum for some help!

We are hoping the car will be fixed this evening, although it’s 4pm now and it isn’t looking promising. It should be done tomorrow though. Not sure what time so i may need to be a bus bird to get there, but that’s okay as long as the cars fixed. My SO will rest easy once it’s fixed. Things like this really get him on a downer. He’ll cheer up when it is fixed and good as new.

So that’s my day! We used a bus to get back from where the garage is. Fun! Not. We’ve had some food, and now i am waiting for our friends to get here. With Osc and Theo to have some lighthearted moments.

For now, i’m going… Music time.


10 thoughts on “Dentists done, for now.

  1. congrats on getting thru such a stressful day! that was really great that you could self-soothe with music so well, and that you were able to get the dentist to stop when you needed and say what was wrong (no numbing!). you really handled it all very well, despite your anxiety and stress. give yourself a pat on the back, and i’ll be giving you one, too!

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