Todays plans

Today I have to work. I am feeling my anxiety but I must keep telling myself it will be ok. Even writing on here about being anxious is kind of letting myself be that way. If that makes sense.

Also today we have to return a baking tray to the butchers that came with a large pie we bought. We have to visit SOs father and pay him for some stuff we bought. We have to go Clean up SOs mums house. Then go to the offices to work after 5.30. I’d like to be home for 7pm. In between the above I need to go to the shops because we need some necessities.

It’s going to be a long day and I am not sure I’ll be able to blog until this evening. So I’m wishing everyone a lovely day now. I hope my new friend greengrowsdark has a good session with her T, because I’m sure that’s today. Everyone keep well. Hugs from us.



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