Feeling low.

I’m not really in the mood to post right now. I am feeling low. I am worried about tomorrow. I have a dentist appointment for a root canal and I am scared. I know tomorrow I will be so anxious. I don’t know what to do to make it easier. I am terrified. I am trying to tell myself once its over. I wont have to think about it anymore but it doesn’t seem to make things better. 😦 my head is been mean making me anxious like that.

Not one of my parts can tolerate yhe dentist so I have to go it alone :(:( so worried. I have messaged my T but she will be busy and may not even get back to me. I hope she does. I am gonna try take my earphones tomorrow and see if music stops me being so nervous in the waiting room because last week when I went I had to fight with myself not to leave and that was for just a check up!

I am telling myself I can do this! After tomorrow it will be over!

I have to be up at 9.30 so hopefully I’ll get to sleep before 5am tonight because being tired doesn’t help anxiety. My appointment is at 10.40. It’s an hour long appointment.

Once that hour is over I can enjoy it being over. It is only an hour!

Gosh fear and anxiety is horrible! I gotta try though. I gotta get this over and done with!


26 thoughts on “Feeling low.

  1. I’m sorry Bonny I hate the dentist too so I don’t have any advice… maybe breathing techniques I don’t know…hum.. But you can try to procrastinate on the stress… sometimes that works for me, I just tell myself that I’ll stress about it when I get htere… HUGS

  2. Maybe I’m weird, but I like going to the dentist. ;-). You will do fine! Do you know yoga poses? I think rag doll and child’s pose are calming. And breathing from the belly. Good luck!

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