The show catfish is ridiculous. Some of the things people believe in order to find online love is just so daft it’s silly! Why do people take so much time to deceive others? No love comes from it because relationships can’t be based on lies. I don’t understand. There is someone out there for everybody, but is the internet really the place to find it?
What are your thoughts on online dating and catfishing?


4 thoughts on “Catfish.

  1. I married a man I met online 14 years ago. We’re still married and have 4 children.

    That being said, I don’t think I’d risk that again. I watch the show Catfish occasionally and I really get the impression that some people are just lonely, poor self esteem, and are trying to be loved and accepted. I like the ones where it all works out though! I’m a hopeless romantic sometimes 😀

    • You are lucky to be one of the people it worked out well for. So many people do not get what they signed up for.
      Some people are just doing it for their own gain. Yeah the ones where it works out are cute.

      • I think about how incredibly lucky I was not to end up dead or worse on a regular basis. I was a scared and naive 18 year old when I moved across the country to a man I had never met (3,000 miles away) and left no forwarding address.

        Not something I would ever recommend. I’m glad that these people on this show get to meet in a safe and controlled manner. That part makes me very happy.

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