What a night.

So last night we had friends over. It wasn’t the fun night that had been planned by them. Someone (alter) text our friend B and told her they wished she were dead. I’m not happy about it. Her and her partner went home early anyway. She was pissed because I didn’t get to talk to her much because I was helping my other friend M with her kids. Maybe that’s why someone text her. It’s ridiculous her getting pissy. I was busy. I helped M and had to cook and stuff. She could have come and helped me like M did. Does she not realise that at little get together parties women normally congregate together around the kids and kitchen while the men mess outside with firepits and stuff. She chose to be with the boys rather than inside with us. I’ll be honest though. Right now I really don’t give a fuck what she thinks.

So last night was a bit of a bust really. We had some nice pie though. Well everyone else did. I wasn’t as impressed. Maybe I didn’t taste it the same or something. I don’t know. We woke up this morning though and A was making breakfast because him, M and kids stayed overnight. Thats was good. Also good having baby and toddler in the house. It makes it feel alive.

We have a busy one this evening. SO offered out our services to M and A whilst he was intoxicated last night. So we are babysitting O so his mummy and daddy can have a night off. The baby is going to his grans. So yeah. We are babysitting. Its ok though cause I’ll keep him up as long as possible, then he will sleep longer tomorrow. šŸ™‚ He usually sleeps ages anyway. I don’t like staying in bed for ages but I sleep really bad so if I’m struggling to get out of bed on a morning because I’m tired I usually just let myself fall back to sleep. I’ll make SO get up with him lol.

Right I’m gonna go. I am hungry.


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