Todays therapy.

Saw T today. I was actually really honest and told her 100% how I feel. She has advised me to go see my GP to get some anti-depressants. So I guess I’ll do that next week. She has also said that we will not be doing any more memory work until she thinks I feel strong enough to.

We chatted about stuff and T said it sounds like SOs mum is some sort of trigger for the feelings I have about my own mother causing me to have anxiety feelings when I see her. It makes sense but how does that help me? She has also said that she thinks I just basically have too much on my plate right now. So I think she is gonna try help me deal with what is going on now.

She did say she thinks the past is more difficult for me than I actually realise and the work we have been doing could be what has made me fall so low mood wise.

She knows how I feel though. I was honest about my thoughts about su and cutting. She has taken me seriously and said I should email if I need to. I hope I will be ok.

Things still feel pretty pointless.


6 thoughts on “Todays therapy.

  1. No it’s not pointless! Your opening up and being honest that’s a good thing. I’m glad your feeling a little better that you are able to express your darkness.

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