So this evening we have been given the duty of babysitting little Oscar for our friends. He is almost 2, well 2 at the end of the month. SO and I love him so much it’s silly. His parents refers to us as his Aunty and Uncle and we oh so proudly wear that name badge! He is a littls smasher! Hes great.

I love having him around, buty gosh, tonight that child did not want to sleep! He was nuzzling me at around 7.45 so I took him upto bed, i tried leaving him but he cried so bad, i reasoned that he was missing his mum and it was therefore unfair to let him cry. So I got comfy on the bedroom floor. An hour later I managed to sneak out of the room, Oscar was still awake but super close to being asleep so he didn’t murmur. I was back downstairs for 9 🙂 and rewarded myself with a beer! Cause I can.

Whilst I am enjoying having him, and enjoyed being with friends yesterday. I can’t fight the feeling that tomorrow is just gonna be a back down in the dumps moment. It like I’ve worn a mask all weekend. More so than usual, I’m exhausted! Keeping smiling when you’ve had enough of everything is damn hard!

I am counting down thw days to therapy on Friday. Although I’m trying not to count down too much because I have the dentist on Thursday and I am really not looking forward too it. Part of me says it will be fine, but there are still nerves. Hopefully once there I wont be waiting long too see the dentist. It’s the drive there and wait that gives me the time to think and get super anxiety symptoms. Fingers crossed.

I’m gonna go chill, before bed. I’ll have an early wake up call tomorrow. Bye for now.


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