Unexpected end. (A poem of sorts)

Layed here with eyes open
I’m contemplating the end
Feeling some strange omen
Of sadness which descend
A coven of terrible darkness
Shattering the depths of my soul
Beings that are oh so thoughtless
Beating hearts so far from whole
I am becoming unable to decipher
This fire that so readily burns
Painfully smouldering an insider
Engulfing each one of them in turns
I am praying to be given respite
Bowing down to all of the gods
Looking for that white light
To appear against all odds
I am feeling such deep water
Suffocating me with my skin
A little lamb howling to it’s slaughter
I sense the fall of everything
In the silence of a reaper
I proceed to hear so much
Still sinking so much deeper
Into pain just too hot to touch
It’s my aging way of coping
No longer able to crush waves
Opening me up now to each sharp sting
I am journeying into dark caves
No sign of light to guide a path clear
White light of death or that of life
Take over this nightmare and you steer
Remove my clutches on this knife
You know I’m sorry if I hurt you
Or make you question why
But forget asking why or even who
Cause I don’t ever want to lie
Baby you didn’t do this
I love you to the end
But life right nows far from bliss
And I need your strength to lend
Hold my hand and guide me
Help me see the light
We come so far didn’t we
Without a single fight
This write I never meant for you
But you never leave my mind
That I already think you knew
With the ways we are entwined
If I am ever gone away
Never follow my ill fate
I need you to smile and to stay
Ill come home but I may be late.


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