Is life an illusion?

In looking for reason, i think it common occurrence in human nature to have doubts about existence, and the truths of it! Whilst it seems far-fetched thinking that we are all controlled and intercepted by a stronger larger being, it also in some respects seems totally plausible. Is there a god? Are we just some beings play thing? Do we even really exist as we are at all?

I find myself searching and searching for mystical, and marvellous explanations. It is known fact that matter is nothing but illusion, and are we not all created from that? Scientific matter is simply no more than empty space, unable to be observed under instrument in basic form. The only thing to tell us it is there, is the fact that we believe in it and the fact that we are trying to observe it. Our minds are a phenomenon created by living, our minds allows us to observe and form illusion. The things around us, effect our mind. If we were never shown pain, would we feel it? When most people fall, we feel pain. Yet some can condition themselves to walk on nails free of pain and walk through fire without being burned. These acts are deemed impossible according to the laws of physics. Does this not prove of physical being is a construction of our mind?

We are not physical beings, we are existing of electromagnetic energy, matter just travelling across empty space, we experience a holographic illusion of being a physical being. We create everything with our infinite spirit of “the all”. It manifests life in all of us and all living bodies of lower and higher energy. The solidity we see, is made of matter which cannot be detected by our 5 senses, yet despite this it defies laws of physics and makes up solid matter, or it appears to. 

Nothing can physically exist until it is seen, or heard. Without the observer there is simply nothing to observe. Falling into place with the question of a falling tree, and whether it makes a sound, clearly no because there is no one to observe it, without that observation, that very tree never existed. When something is unseen it is waves of energy, then when it becomes seen, and only then, can it become matter. Quantum physics supports 100% that without human observation it simply does not exist as physical matter. Without the mind, our observation would be impossible, supporting that we create everything with our mind.

Solidity formed from matter, is an illusion, 3D physical dimension is an illusion. Our physical bodies are the imagination of our ultra high state of illumination in the human mind, our cosmic conscience, and nothing more. How does an empty space (matter) create a physical body? Well it doesn’t, we experience a mirage of the physical body. It cannot be real, how can something made up of empty space be real?  Our whole reality is a virtual reality which is based on illusion. Everything out there is proven to be created inside the brain, The universe is created by our brain. The only reality in this world is our consciousness. The universe is just an network of consciousness, each conscious linked to the other. We are an illusion

Hmmmmm something to think about.


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