Diet and nutrition.

So I’ve kinda been trying to make sure we eat better. We are used having a poor diet, eating at the wrong times, and consuming the wrong amounts. Also eating too litte veg and stuff. So a couple week ago I decided I needed to make an effort for us to have a better diet and eat at better times and stuff.

I’ve been doing quite well since last weeks shop and made sure we were having a normal meal every day with some form of vegetable and only yesterday was anything cooked out of the freezer. I’m trying to make sure we eat meat and vegetables. Real food and not processed.

Unlike before I want us to have had a meal before 8pm. Sounds easy that time I know but for at least a year we haven’t been eating until after 8pm. So have been eating a snack on a afternoon around 12-1pm then nothing at all until after 8, sometimes not until after 10pm. Then going to bed about 1. Breakfast was never even thought about. That’s no good. Our bodies don’t like not being fed it doesn’t take einstein to work that out. Hence why I needed to change something.

So the point in this post, its 9.55pm. What have I eaten so far today? A snakajack rice cake thing. That is it. I feel sick with hunger but am not looking forward to eating. I don’t feel the want to do such a ordinary task as eat! Honestly looking at me you would probably think I eat loads, where as in reality you don’t at all. It’s never just junk in my diet either.

Oh I guess you are wondering why we are eating late, it’s because I’ve been avoiding this all day. I wanted to be home but I also just wanted to keep driving. Watching the world go by. I still am thinking POINTLESS!!


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