Feeling very nervous

We have our dentist appointment in 1hour 15mins. We are not excited!

I am a bit apprehensive to be going. I have to keep reminding myself that they cannot hurt me. That I am safe. My littles are sobbing. They are saying he will hurt us like the last one.

I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough to stop him from hurting us. This time I am prepared. We are only having a check up. I don’t think they’ll do any work today. Don’t worry Paul will be with us. He will wait in the waiting room for us to be finished. Then when we are done we wil go to the shops and buy some things for us to make some more buns ok?

They aren’t convinced…

Read and repeat the following,
“I am a grown woman, no one can hurt me. I am safe. I can make sure the dentist is compassionate and friendly. I will tell them we are nervous. I can stop them doing work at any time. This is my body I say what goes. I can walk out and they cannot stop me. I am not scared of the dentist themself I am scared their numbing stuff won’t work properly. I can make them check it’s worked properly before they do anything and if it hasn’t they wont be touching me. I am in control! I am safe, they cannot hurt me unless I let them. I am safe.”

Better get ready and stuff hadn’t I.

Laters :/:/


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