The object of my affliction

An object can be the difference between pleasure or pain
Placed in tight places not yet the right age
Maturity in his hands however not in mine
Fully formed for the perp maybe I caused him pain
I am small for his object hence my experience of pain
his object to large restricted in small places
Forcefully placing and object where it does not belong
Causing misfortune to each presence that participates
The difference being the big aftermath
His moment of relief which caused mine
Removing objects of affliction from small spaces.
Each feeling similar ran through our being
Feeling pain and then pleasure within the same ticks of the clock
Same time yet such a difference in how feelings were felt
my face awash with tears as he stands breathless with a smile
The moment he forgets theres a person broken on his floor
Selfishly he’s smiling he sees me feeling his way
I enjoy his affliction in hus tainted mind
I know different even though our emotions are the same
We feel the same for different reasons which he doesn’t seem to know
I cannot but honour my plight to accept
Many of my thoughts I will take to my death


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