Hello readers of Bonnys blog.

Hello, I am not particularly good with all of this techno stuff but I was intrigued with this blogging activity Bonny cares so much about. Please forgive me in advance should I do this wrong.

Right here goes. My name is G’ma, everyone calls me that. I don’t think you need to know this old ladies age. I am a real full on grandma, I cook, bake, give cuddles, lots of love and advice. That is my job. I am still useful at this age.

So, Jessie and I baked cupcakes this evening. They became more like fairy cakes as Jessie was a little too generous with the milk when he was mixing the buttercream, so they didn’t look very much like cupcakes. Tomorrow Jessie would like to bake some sponge cake. I can’t see that been a problem. Bonny does have a visit to the dentist tomorrow so we will have to work around that.

Jessie wanted us to save one of his buns to give to therapist. It is difficult persuading a young boy that his therapist probably won’t want one of his buns. He is sure she would like them. Such a dear little boy he is. He would share everything.

I am a lucky G’ma with all these children around me to love. I must get off now.

Goodbye readers.


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