Grandmas cooking.

It is strongly portrayed in media that most people will have fond memories of their grandmother being a good cook. As well as fond memories of spending time with grandparents.

As a person with little influence of grandparents I am not actually 100% sure of the actual truths surrounding the claims media makes. I have been told that as a young baby/toddler I was much loved by fathers parents. Also apparently loved them in return having spent many weekenda sitting on their lounge floor with my siblings watching jungle book and being fed hearty family meals. I do not remember this, because they passed when I was still very young. There is a place in my heart for them though and I wonder about them often. I also wear a St Christopher that was passed down from my grandmother on occasions that I know I may feel anxious. (Maybe I should use that as a safe grounding object? I’ll ask t)

Anyway back to grandmas cooking. I do remember my mothers mum. She couldn’t cook for the life of her. My mother told me many stories as we were growing up about her rather rubbish attempts at making family meals. After bwing subjected to one of her dinners it became a known fact that my nanna could not cook. As a naive child I blamed it on her being a nanna instead of a grandma. In my child mind they were two different things.

What with the lack of experience in the grandma moments of life thing it amazes me how my alter part g’ma does the grandma stuff that she does. I believe that when I created my parts some must have been based purely on the media and what I saw in other families or on tv. My G’ma alter is just how you expect them to be. She loves us and doesn’t like us to be sad. She tells stories, gives cuddles and tends to injuries should we get them. She is the best experience of grandma I have. Is it real though?

Today, my reason for this post, is that my G’ma part made us a beef casserole. She prepared it all yesterday and put it in the slow cooker whilst she was making dinner last night. (She made us braising steak and mash with vegetables) she said all I needed to do was put a little more stock in it this more. Just a cube or two. Then leave it til dinner time. G’ma said it would be perfect at dinner time. She wss right. It was perfect. She sure can make nice food. She’s a proper grandma and we all love her for it. She is going to try bake buns with Jessie somehow. I don’t know how she’ll do it but we’ll see.

I’m gonna go now. I am keeping busy to help myself, the others and especially Nat. This feels like the calm before the storm.

This pic is G’mas awesome cooking.


It looked better in person.

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