Simply broken… ( A poem by me)

I am blessed, yeah i’m blessed with the gift i was given,

My existence allows others due to the road which i was driven,

Multiple minds have their life entwined within mine,

A co-existence of many people in an attempt to make my life shine,

I’m just as simple as a mirror fallen from ones hand,

Now impossible to fix just left as we land,

For the consequences of them breaking a bottle on a wall,

Is the many sharp pieces becoming hidden they’re that small,

No amount of bonding can deliver us in to one,

We are here, we’ve arrived and the deal has been done,

Our cards were dealt for us so carelessly it seems,

and throughout life we have been taken to all possible extremes,

Though I did hear once badness is not practiced on all,

And not everyone has to face a constant hard brawl,

No, it is said God picks Just those with a capability,

To find strength and keep believing a life is a possibility.Image


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