It’s late

I do not know where the last few hour have gone…. It’s 3.15. i should really go to bed. SO has been in bed ages.

Got a busy day tomorrow, well today now. SO wants to start prepping to decorate the kitchen… PFFT! Then we are supposed to be going somewhere to see fireworks for bonfire night with friends. It’s my mums birthday too. Heavy heart much. I wonder if she thinks of me as i do her… Anyway i guess babysitting my “friends” tomorrow will keep me occupied. One of me must like her, but i don’t. Not really. Hmm, they can go.

I tried to do my grocery shopping online, i got to the checkouts and it was at £140!! I daren’t even think about going ahead with it until i spoke with SO. I don’t want him to go crazy. It would last a few week though! I’ll ask him tomorrow. Maybe he won’t even care.

Someone wrote another poem in the last post before this one. It’s quite good. I think it was Nat. She likes to write.

Anyway i guess i should go. Bye


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