Today feels positive.

I grew some balls over night and this morning rang up and registered at a new dentist. I have an apointment on Monday 11th. I am so pleased I finally rang some up.

I also got an e-mail back from t this morning. She said that from what I said in my e-mail, it sounds like we have processed our first memory 🙂 yay. We are gonna talk about it more on Friday to check though.

She has also helped me see thay I will not forgive myself if I do not acknowledge my mums birthday. I have sent her a moonpig card. It very plain and simple, just has a small bouquet of flowers on the front, above them it says ‘on your birthday mum’ it took me a while to decide what to write inside, but I decided on ‘I wanted you to know I didn’t forget it is you birthday-we wish you a happy birthday’. I feel better knowing I have had the card sent.

I also mentioned to t in my e-mail everyones thoughts about us sitting closer and her like touching my hand or something. It feels like it would be beneficial but it scares me being close to her. I never wanted to touch her or anything. I said I guessed that means I didn’t 100% trust her. That was a shock to me. I thought I trusted her more than anyone. She said we can talk about it more though, and said it felt very relevant and important.

I am so fortunate that my t is understanding. I really appreciate her time.

Have to say I am looking forward to seeing her on Friday.


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