22 hours more

Friday is almost here I am so looking forward to seeing t. 3pm tomorrow needs to hurry. Iv tried to keep busy today, and have gutted my house. Not a things out of place. Washings done and put away. Storage boxes rearranged  spare room rearranged  and stepson s bedroom tidied and rearranged. As well as everywhere being cleaned. My kitchen and restrooms stink of bleach and I love it. I have a white kitchen so I clean the cupboards real often. They are white. No yellow nastyness at all. Its great. I like things to be clean.

I rearranged all of my littles bears today too and put all of their pens and stickers together for when they want to use them. they’ll like that. Ive also made tidied up theur drawing pads and removed pages with notes written on them that are about random everyday stuff so they wont have to mess around looking for clean paper. I am thinking about buying them some fridge magnets. The alphabet kind. So they can play with my friends kids with them and it will allow them to say hi to me and stuff. I think theyll like that. im thinking I need to show them I care about them. Especially because bee is around now. And jessie has to get used to now been the youngest and stuff.

I bought bee some chocolate cake this morning so we will have some of that soon. She spoke to someone on our facebook and was telling them how much she likes chocolate cake. So I got her some. Jessie likes it too. Anyway im gonna go for now to watch tv.


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