soooooo whats new??

I keep finding myself unable to write on here. I still don’t know why. I guess i should catch you up.

I went to alton towers theme park on tuesday. It was brilliant 4 of my friends were with me. We went on almost all of the rides. only the walk throuh ones scared me. They were awful, but the rest were great, i went on oblivion 3 times, rita 3 times, that ones soooo fast its unbelievable, my head wall all woozy when I got off. I dont know which I enjoyed most. I don’t think they were scary enough. I wanna go to thorpe park.. but it really far away. Maybe one day.

This week iv also started emdr with t. We started doing a bit of memories of my dad. Its kind of shook me up. My heads all conused regarding my parents. I just wanted them to love me. Iv messaged t to vent, shell get back to me soon. I have new parents kind of now. Pauls mum and family. Its not the same though. It upsets me that they can love me but my own mother can’t.


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