hi everyone….

Its been a while since iv written on here. I just been able to bring myself to document anything. Not even really bothered to message t.

Do you ever get like that? Just not wanting to blog. A day turned into two and those two turned into a week. But I’m here now. I guess I should fill in on whats been happening.

Last time I posted I was struggling with money any stuff. WellI’ve managed to suss somethin out. Stuffs sold that I needed to and now we arent in the overdraft at the bank. We just need to be careful money wise. I started cleaning more for people too. To get myself a little extra money. I could make a little business from it maybe. Even though paul keeps making out it was his idea when it wasnt. He just moans about money. Never actually does something about it. Gotta get over it though.

On a good note therapy timing is changing. I go on the 12th of this month and after that its goin to every 2 week instead of once a month whih is good. I have a really kind therapist. She makes loadsa time for me for thatbi am grateful. We are gonna start working on my anxiety in therapy. T says I’m working myself ito a phobia. I don’t want that. So we are gonna work on it.

Im working on it myself too. last night i managed to have a meal at pauls mums. So proud of myself. I ate and i was ok. Thankfully. Hopefully its a sign of things to come.

Anyway im gonna go. I need food. Bye

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