I hate being a pauper. No one seems to want stuff I have for sale, I have someone viewing a sofa bed I have for sale tomorrow, its 50 pound. I hope they buy it. I really need to put some money in the bank.we are minus nearly 300 pound. we should get some benefit money tomorrow. But thats only 200 so we still wont be in the clear at all. Someone else is meant to be coming on wednesday to buy on of the fish tanks, that will ne 130 pound. I hooe they buy it . Then we will be ok. We are owed 230 pound from carers allowance too. I hope that comes real soon. I really stress inside about money. It scares me. I have therapy on friday. I hope I have 10 pound spare by then its not much but things really are that tight. 

We are gointo see pauls gran in hosp again tomorrow. We really need to get a more ecnomical car. I like our clio 182 but its not good on fuel. We are gonna try sell it as soon as the weathers a little better and get an estate car so we can take the dogs places. That will be nice. I’m gonna go anyway.



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