not a bad day.


Not written for a couple days. Just been in a cannot be bothered with the world kind of mood. Not sure why. Feel sort of mentally drained. Another 12days till I see t. I think its 12 anyway. Aaaargh. Too long. Still I’m not feeling to bad today. Starting to try do bits to get myself out the house. I’m impressed with us really. Shivon has started cleanung for some elderly friends we know through my father in law. 


We cleaned her bungalow for almost 4 hours today and got £20. I can buy somethin nice for us now.I’m going next week to do more and do her friends bungalow too. Do you think I’m beig unreasonable taking £20. I kinda feel harsh taking it. We all need any extra pennies we can get though dont we. £20 a week will go far for me. We also feel good for cleanin too. Feel like its giving us something to do. Givig us some self worth. T will be pleased we are doing it i think. Maybe james could make some flyers for my friends to pass around to their elderly friends. We will see. Shivon loves cleaning so its good for her to do it. Ye it makes is all feel good and helpful. 🙂

On another note i have had to get a new filter for my fish tank. :/ it should be here tomorrow. Im lookin forward to gettig it but could have done without the expense of it right now.

Hey my scratches are nearly healed. Did a tiny one other day but thats nothing. Least theyll be gone by time i see t so hopefully jessie will have forgotten about it and wont fetch it up. fingers crossed.

Do you guys like the picture. It suits me to a tee at the minute. 🙂

Im going now. Time for a nice cup of tea and to relax before bed. Hope i get some sleep tonight.


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