I love my dogs but…

I gotta admit my dogs are my babies. I have a 3 year old german shephed bitch and a year old dobermann male. I love em to bits and put their needs before my own, but my god they are a pain sometimes. Iv brushed my girl 2 today for about 30 mins each time and you wouldnt think shed been brushed ever. Shes got a thing about lickimg wounds too. She wont stop trying to lick the mistakes I made. It wouldnt be bad but it hurts. Her tongues rough. Tell her to stop and she’s back evey 2 mins to try again. She’s so cute though I love her little face. My boy is a lil monster. He’s hyper and awkward. Right mot he’s eating, he goes into kitchen, gets a mouhful of biscuits then comes into room, spits them out then eats em. He’s weird. My girl is just layed beside me. Watching me. Looking beautiful.

I have fish too. I have a tank with cihlids in. Its a 3ft one, and I have a tank with 2 piranha in. Thats a 4ft one. Not in the same rooms, I have too lounges so one each. Thats all the pets i have though. I like fish they are calming. My dogs like watchin them too. I cleaned the fish today. That takes ages.

I’m thinkin of maybe trying to get a bird of some sort. I used to have african greys and I miss them. Don’t want something big like that though. I guess I shouldnt get another pet.We don’t really have money to feed another pet. :/ anyway I’m gonna share pictures of my dogs and fish. Do you have pets? You should post pics too.

Soon as you see my dogs you will know why they make me feel safe.


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