its official I’m stupid

Ok so I will regret doing that in the morning. Its sore and yer. Oops. Maybe. Luckily it shouldnt be tol hard to make excuses. My bad for caving in.

6 thoughts on “its official I’m stupid

    • glad to hear it. sleepless nights are expected for me too. o got an email back saying that we could discuss it when we meet again. im seeing her on the 3rd friday from now. wish shed have talked to me via email about it. im rubbish at standing my ground and getting my point across in person. ill just wimp out of it n not ask to discuss it. i cant voice my opinion or wants. the possibility of conflict really scares me

    • hmmmmm good idea. i am gonna start writing it down tomorrow. thanks for the idea. 🙂 thats stopped me worrying. have you noticed when in a fuzz we cant even think of the simplest things to do.

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