wheres the off switch???

My body wants to sleep,

My mind the thoughts it keeps,

Lost in a time warp of memory,

Memories don’t sleep.

Playback just keeps playing,

Poison just keeps spraying,

All into my existence,

Stop this I was praying.

Peace is not known here,

For that I do shed a tear,

Crying from whats ground into me,

The incoherent fear.

I created my rock,

Increasing with each and every knock,

Breaking my self confidence,

Every time you mock.

You hurt me mister you hurt me,

How can that be,

Those things you did those sick things,

Photographed for all to see.

I do not see what you did sir

For now Its not me but her,

She took all the badness to give me some life,

Shes one of many inside me that help make you a blur.

Its crazy how my mind fixed,

The childhood you so rudely nicked,

Creatig alters to forget the times,

When my emotions were so mixed.

The problem is now I remember you,

Everything that you did too,

Stored within my system,

Alters just waiting for their cue.

Their time to speak of what they hold in their mind,

To a therapist who they find so kind,

They will tell about you and your twisted little game,

And one day sir, all those things you did, I wont even mind.

Ill behappy,  so happy, no nightmares just dreams,

Ill sleep at night so easily, and enjoy all that my life brings. Yes ill be happy. Happy happy happy. One day.


Anyway poem over, I can’t sleep. Its 4..40. I’m shattered. Snuggling my bear like a lunatic but no comfort to be had. Pfft. thinking of going and watching tv. I recorded winnie the pooh earlier lol, that would put the littles to sleep at the very least, I guess I should jist try keeping my eyes closed. See what happens :/


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