makes me laugh…

looking through the notes i got off t and i saw a link to an old blog i did. foreverblackened on blogspot. theres not much on it but its silly what is on it. can tell i was just a teenager at the time. its crazy. im gad i have this blog now. must admit i like the fact that someone actually reads my blog.

less like im just rambling away at myself 🙂 thats good. so thanks for reading and stuff. you deserve a medal for trundling through the crap and getting to something worth reading. go you!!!

anyway, todays been a typical boring sunday! typical uk weather… rain and cold. i have done nothing interesting. my sister trid getting me to babysit herz and her friends kid so they could go out and have a good time…. err no thanks. love em but 3 babies is not my idea of fun. my sister is that hellbent on going out and getting steaming that the poor kids seem to be on the backburner. shes just split up with her fella and says she is making up for the 8 year she was with him. shes gonna end up with a name for herself. shes enjoying having her legs blown off by strangers far too much. shes my big sister. at 26. but i gotta keep an eye on what shes doing, who shes doing and what she might be taking. silly bitch she is. thats enough about her though. and her slackass ways!!!

hey did you see the messed up video goin round facebook??? i was sat leisurely trawling through my news feed and up comes video of a girl totally naked masturbating. was one of those moments where you put your head on your shoulder and just think errrrrr ok! then turn it off. what are these people thinking. facebook is really messed up. the bad thing is that i have seen far worse on there. theres kidz on that site for god sake. they should make it over 18s only or something!!! dont you agree??

anyways im gonna go because trying to blog on my phone is a pain in the ass. this site just doesnt play ball. unfortunately.

see ya


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