free expression….

As I sit here alone with thoughts,

I find myself comtemplating my fate,

What will become of me when all of this is done,

Normailty I’m seeking in all years to come,

Today I thank my alters,

They are here through thick and thin,

Here without conditions,

Here no matter the circumstance,

For that I am grateful,

They may hide and be frightened,

When people come too near,

But they also just take over,

When they sense my fear,

One day I wont worry,

Did I lock the door,

One day when I need to cry,

I wont cower on the floor!

I’m done expressing thoughts now,

I cannot write much more,

My mind can no longer think,

Through this chaotic alters uproar,

Calm down and then ill listen,

Keep calm its ok,

Please stop all the shouting,

I need some help today.


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