knackered much…

I’m shattered. Had a really long day today. Visited our friends then mu sister and kids. Switched out a bit at my sisters, no one noticed. Switching tires me something silly. Haven’t heard back from t yet. She will probs email me tomorrow. Maybe. Ill just wait. I asked some important questions that I’d like answers to soon. So I know.


 home now anyway. I made paul and me steak for t. It was nice. Now we are just watching tv. Stevie and his girlfriend are here, but upstairs in his bedroom. Thats good, it means they arent in my face too much. I like to sit alone and quietly. Sometimes I just can’t do with simply conversing. I’m always talking to someone whether its alters or people on outside so its nice when I don’t have to talk to people on the outside. Brilliant in fact.



I havent looked through any more of the notes t gave me yet. Not been in the mood. I feel like I could have a really good chat with t right now. it would be nice to.



Guess what? Im sat wearing the onesie paul got me yesterday. Its really really comfy and snug. Its a duck one, daisy duck from disney, its blut with hearts on. Nat loves it. 🙂



Im gonna go cause i cant concentrate on writing this. Bye


2 thoughts on “knackered much…

    • sometimes its the only clear thing i have that tells me iv had a day full of switching. tiredness and memory loss. glad im not the only one who just doesnt want to talk to anyone sometimes. most of the time i hate been left with only my thoughts but then i just needed silence. its nice to be left alone to think sometimes.

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