its the weekend.

So its saturday. I’m fidgety and feeling crap. Emailed t this aft about the folder and stuff. Read through my old diaries she gave me this morning. Its crazy. I got the idea to have a look through old stuff from someone elses blog. And I totally get what they were saying in there blog.

Theres passagesin my diary written about or by others. I don’t really recollect it. Iv kinda shut that period out of my mind.

Trigher warning***

Upto being 15 I was what thought a normal girl, but on the 9th sept a month after my 15th birthday i was sexually assaulted. By a neighbours son, in my back garden whilst my parents were out. I wont go into detail about that but since that happened things kinda went down hill. That when writing about people and voices started in my diary. Then after a su attempt I ended up with an nhs therapist a camhs one. (The one I’m seeing again now) anyway seein her my alters became more apparent to others, and my alters started telling her about sexual abuse experienced as a child that i had seemed to have forgotten. Once it started coming out it was like opening a box of memories that I’d closed, locked and put to the back of my mind. It was crazy.

Tw over***

Anyway so I kinda believe the DID diagnosis for now. Probs change my mind tomorrow.

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