so mad and sad today.

Today is a really bad day. I am absolutely fuming with myself. Fuming like you wouldnt believe. I deserve to be hurt. I deserve pain. I don’t deserve for t to ever want to see me again. I bet she thinks I am totally useless. I’m so sorry. I want to cut. I want it sooooo bad. I really must not be silly. That would make t even more mad at me. She has no idea how sorry I am. t I’m so sorry. I am gonna make big know how stupid she is for making t think we are bad. She deserves to be punished. She deserves to feel bad. Big I hate you. I really hate you. Jessie hates you, james hates you and I hate you. I really really hate you. T I’m so sorry I’m so so sorry and big is sorry. Please dont be mad at me forever I’m sorry. I made big text t. I made her and I’m sorry we werent meant to text but we text. We are so bad. Please don’t hurt us for being bad. I’m so sorry.


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