What a crock of shit. Pauls ill and despite telling him a week ago what he coukd get me, yes its cheap as chips. He hasn’t. I’m not getting him fuck all next year. Every year on bdays or anything he fails to remember to get me his partner a little token of appreciation. I’ve waited on him hand and foot for last couple of days. He didn’t do that for me when I was chucking up and ill as fuck. I must be stupid. He’s pissed me off. Shivon is mightily pissed off today. I can tell cause she has been out cleaning, cleaning like fuck infact. She does it aggressively when ticked off. Bonus is my kitchen and bathrooms are sparkling but bad thing is she uses bleach til our eyes water and skin stings. I think the smell chills her out and taking aggression out that way is better than most I suppose. 

Now we are making something to eat. Paul wont eat again, he suggested chinese, then said he didn’t want anything, thatd pissed me off too. He knows I wont get something like that and eat it alone while he sits with nothing. Why does he forget those things? He knows I can be weird where food is concerned.

Fuck it anyway I’m off


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