Its never a good thing when you get the feeling, that feeling that makes you want to self harm and release all the built up tension. I really mustnt give in and self harm. I do not need to cut. I have gone years without this so I don’t need it. Its allllll ok.

We were supposed to be going out to eat this evening, now we are not because pauls ilI.

We are supposed to be taking his dad to hospital tomorrow, Idon’t know if we will with him being ill, I was gonna go shopping with ann or ckean bungalow for her if she’s still having trouble with her back.

Friday I have t, I am gonna go even If pauls ill. I will go on the bus and go by myself if I have to. Ill be ok, I used to do it before and I know where I’m going and everything. 


Im gonna go listen to music now. Have some chill time. 



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