nothing goes right.

Got our new sofa yesterday…. yay, but we can’t get it in the house. Fuck sake. So we are havin to take window out. I still don’t think itll fit through that. So I think the newnsofa has to be sokd. 1500 quid wasted. Bang on. Just our luck. Its a lovely sofa too 😦 as is life though. 

On a plus note. We are finally getting some of the carpets done upstairs. Yay. I’m happy about that, but the others inside are skitty over strangers been in the house, and all the changes. It wil be ok.

I put paul a little stretcher in his ear today. Only a little one, he wanted to do it, I’m not letting him go too big though. It would look ridiculous. He’s proper young at heart is my paul. My baby. I love him to bits. 

We bought my niece a bed yesterday, to pick up at the weekend, as a thank to her dad for helping paul decorate. 

Anyway Im going, paul wants me to look on b and q. Bye x


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