A poem by me.

I ask when will the time come,

When darkness disappears,

When possibilities are endles,

Not limited by fears.

Open to all elements,

Of sunshine wind and rain,

Lacking any suffering,

Or abuse that causes pain.

Stop the way you watch me,

Feeling pity or delight,

Watching how I cope so well,

Through endless sleepless nights.

I hate what they to me,

They made my heart stone cold,

Took advantage of my innocence,

And need to do as I was told.

They scared me over and over again,

All for their fun, 

Never worrying about me,

Or what Id become.

Fuck you all you bastards,

I hope that you die,

I hope someone really hurts you,


So it makes you squirm and cry.

That is what I think,

You perverts with sick minds,

I just hope that someone caught you,

Before you fucked with someone elses mind.



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