rough and tired

Feel a bit crappy still. Can tell I’m not all there and am worn out, getting bloody cold again. I still hurt from the dog pushing me downstairs. Major bad times. 

I babysat oscar this morning. That was nice, his mum was having her sexing scan for new baby.She’s having another little boy. She so lucky. She didn’t even want the kid. Anyway when they got back they came to ours and I made us all lunch. Then took them home back to their filthy house. Mucky bastards. Then me and paul went to see my sister and kids. My sisters on a downward spiral going out on weekend taking silly things, shell learn the hard way.

I’m gonna go to bed soon. I need some sleep. I hooe I can get some. Only 10 more days til t. Jessie is looking forward to it. This week seems to be going quickly thankfully. Jessie struggles with countin down days til t. Especially when they drag.


Anyway Im off. Can’t focus long enough to write much.


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