shattered much… total rambling on thread.

God I am absolutely knackered. Had hardly any sleep for 2 nights now. Even less than usual. Max pushing me downstairs and hurtig my tail bone didn’t help. It still hurts. Is it possible to break your ass. I just gotta man up. It hurts real bad though. Stupid dogs trying to kill me. Oh well, shit happens. Ill laugh about it when it stops hurting.ย 

Aaaah I’m layed on sofa beside paul and he’s giving me a foot massage ๐Ÿ™‚ ha. It feels niceeeee. He might fix my dodgy foot from shoving the stupid dog other day. That hurt me as well. Dog was playing up been hyper. So I kicked his ass, not hard or to hurt him just to snap him out of it, and I ended up killing my foot. Iv just sprained it I think. Honestly I’m so clumsy its unbelievable. An accident waiting to happen. Aww great now the stupid dog who tries to kill me has decided to come and literally sit on me. So uncomfy. Takes the piss does my dog. Not my little princess dog though. Kia is my baby can’t step a foot out of line in my eyes. She’s brilliant.

I was watching a thing on tv today and it said stroking a dog lowers blood pressure cause of endorphins it releases. Cool huh. Also not only does it release them in humans but studies show that it releases them in your dog too. Now thats weird. Also apparently a dog licks your face as a sign of affection cause thats what a pup does to its mum. So basically a dog sees its human as its mum, and if when you yawn your dog copies and yawns too its a sign of a good bond. I tried it with my dogs. They didn’t yawn, but we have a good bond. They are my babies. Oh and guess what else, dogs can be left or right handed. Whichever paw they set off walking from is the hand they favour. I don’t know why it would matter which, but apparently right favourers are better for being assistance dogs. God I talk shit.

I took far too much in from that programme, was good though. It interested me, and not many thigs do. so thats good. I’m snuggling my stupid maxI moo puppy now. He’s nudging my arm to stroke him. Lol so sweet. I’m not though, I’m rambling.ย 

I should go to bed,I’m tired, ย its 1am, I know I womt be able to slee though. Been keeping myself busy today to try wear myself put, washed all venetian blinds, in the bath ๐Ÿ™‚ and cleaned 3 windows upstairs, and the frames. They are big windows. Not stupid small ones. I also sorted through stuff, threw another black sack full of stuff away, and took some old stuff for my sister to use. My blinds are lovely and clean now. Tomorrow I’m gonna clean rest of windows in house, and frames, then clean the inside of the front door. For some reason roundnour windowsnon the sealant is always getting damnp then mouldy, only on the sealant, so this year I’m gonna take off al the sealant and replace it. If I start on a small window I should go on ok. How hard can it be :/ long as I use masking tape. I need to reseal round frames between them and walls too. Everything gets old and dirty eventually doesn’t it. Ill sort it though ๐Ÿ™‚

Pauls been busy painting. Stairs are done, spare bedroo, glossed, just mine and his bedroom to gloss and paint, and the spare room to paint, then new carpets all upstairs. Wanted to order stairs and stevies bedroom carpet to be fitted monday, but the carpet shop fuck ups have lost measurements so are now coming to measure again on monday. Totally fucking up my schedule. Things do my head in when they arent finished.Gotta be patient though. Oh and still no sofa. Stupid company. Iv rang them loads in last couple of week, pauls gonna ring em tomorrow though. He will tell them what for. Then we might get somewhere.

isn’t life fun when you just got normal stuff to do day to day. Its good keeping busy though cause it means I don’t have time to think bad stuff. That means I can be easygoing and relaxed for a little bit. Even though I’m cleaning and sorting stuff out like a blue arsed fly. In past few week iv managed to empty 2 wardrobes, they are gonna be dismantled, just by sorting through stuff and getting rid of stuff we really don’t need. I can’t do with having junk anymore, I like clean tidy and open. I cant wait for summer to sort the garage and shed out. So much crap in them.ย 

Gonna put stevies dum kitin his bedroom, with silencig pads, then we can have garage back for all the stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ always good. Can’t wait. Soon as carpets are done we will be on with that job.ย 

Oooh shopping tomorrow. Taking my sister and madison too. That should be fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t wait. Anyway I’m gonna go google how to reseal windows. Fun. Bye


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