So shattered right now. Pauls gone to bed. I wont be able to sleep yet so I’m still up. Gonn watch britains hidden child abuse, see what bollocks this is about. 

Was gonna have a long bath but can’t be arsed. Since seeing my sister other day and her telling me my darling niece has lice, again, I can’t stop damn itching. Think I’m gonna get some of the stinky horrible stuff tomorrow, just in case. The joys of seeing my niece and nephew. I am none too fuckin pleased. Its probably all in my head though. I haven’t had lice for over 10 years. 

I used to always get em as a kid, my mum got sick it so when I was about 11 she got my head over kitchen sink and her and my aunty covered my head and hair in jeyes fluid. Neat!! Never had lice since. It didn’t seem bad to me at the time, them using jeyes fluid I mean, but thinking back it can’t be good, and boy did it burn my scalp. Like I said though, never had lice since. Crazy huh. 

So yeah, lice ha. Fun. 

Isn’t the wind bad today? I went to the shop earlier, for milk 🙂 and oh my gosh it nearly blew me over, and I’m a lot to blow over lol. It sounds right now like its trying its damn hardest to blow the hiuse over. The sheds still standing though, not bad to say me and paul made it totally from scratch, plank by plank. Its an awesome shed, 10ft x 10ft and awesome. We did good with that. Paul and me make a good team. He’s the best for decorating though. He’s decorating or house now. Still. He’s good at it, I am totally crap. Not got patience. Glad paul has though, he keeps my house nicely decorated. We like to have a nice home.

Its crazy the shit I talk about on here. Total bollocks. Good to talk though. Always good. Its so windy 😦 this wind is gonna make getting to sleep even harder. This programme about hidden abuse is crap. I didn’t even know there were that many jewish people in the uk. I don’t know nothing. I do know though that abusers are mucky horrible perverts. Bastards. All of them.

Im going, for now.


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