this is where I am…

Only gone and pissed myself off, wrote a message to t. Was rather long. Kinda had a rant. It really belonged here. Not in that message, but oh well. Slowly but surely t will catch up on last 4 years. I can’t even remember most of it. Gonna try though.

When i stopped seeing t I think i had moved in wih paul, but I’m not sure. I just know he used to take me to appointments cause wednesdays were his day off work. Well we got our house in April 2009 I think, or was it 2010? Ye its gotta be 2009. Its a lovely house. I fell in love with it when we viewed it and it had the beautiful parquet floor in he entrance way. ! Made me see past the super dated decor and carpets. Pauls mom and step dad bought us it, 124k cash. Can’t complain, we have to pay them rent though. Until they pass, then it will be ours. So we havent got it for nothing. Anyway my house, its great, 3 beds 2 living rooms, kitchen/diner, downstairs loo, large gardens to front and rear, garage and a big driveway. Its a big house really, dunno where ill fit a baby when we are lucky enough to conceive though. Anyway we got the house, and after 2/3 week solid decorating, getting carpets and furniture we were in. It was brilliant having the house. Nice to be out of the pokey little flat.

We got our first dog in december 2010, kia the german shepherd. She’s my baby, our stevie adores her. Max came in october 2011. Little tearaway he is. He’s a dobermann. Our dogs are seriously our kids. Its silly. They are so spoilt.

In between me extending my family with dogs my sisters been popping kids out. 2 of em, in Jan 2009 she had Madisom mimi, my gorgeous little niece, she’s 4 now, then she had Deacon Blu in August 2011. He’s just 1. Such a brainy little boy too. My brothers expecting too, a little girl due in July. I can’t wait!! Then hopefully it will be my turn to have a little one.

Paul had his shop when we met, he lost that in jan 2011. Cause of insurance. I started my business in november 2010. Not that it was a good one. Doing all manner of things over webcam isn’t exactly good but pays the bills. Hows the saying go? Sex sells. I stopprd working in june 2012 though. Couldnt cope with it. Lack of confidende and stuff never helps.

Paul and I were experimental sexually lets say since we met. Now people will think he made me do stuff, that i was young and naive, but its not at all like that. We started a swinging lifestyle when we moved in together, and did it til about 12 month ago when paul became too depressed. Now we are trying to conceive we arent doing that either. If I’m honest I think I enjoyed swinging more than paul. Doing the things iv done I know doesny sit well with most people but hey get over it. Some cheat, I choose to do it whilst my partners present with his consent. I wanna get back to it once baby makings over and done with too. When I’m confident enough again, pauls not in the right place to either. I think I’m lucky to have a partner who enjoys experimenting with me.

Back to normal stuff. In between all this weve made our house a zoo, so many pets in and out its unreal. 2 african greys, sadly we no longer have, lots of fish. Most we still have, a hamster for some peculiar reason, ducks, which went to a farm, bearded dragons which went to a new home. We also always end up puppy sitting. I love puppies though so thats ok.

Me and paul have been to the lake district too for holidays. We love the lakes. Go twice a year. Would go more but its expensive with the dogs. They absolutely love It though. Last time we took both dogs and our friends andie, mel and baby oscar. That was a fun but hectic week. We got to stay in a beautiful cottage. We haven’t booked this years first trip, we can’t til we chane cars. Cause no way would we have enough space for luggage and dogs in the clio. Need a big motor. Its ok though pauls mum is gonna pay for one trip this year, so will be able to go later mid summer then in october. ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t wait.

I’m bored of writing :/ I wanna do a picture thread ๐Ÿ™‚ yeh thats fun.


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