holy fuck

Got an email back from t. There is another part, called bee. Where the fuck did they come from? I didn’t know about them. Also jessie is one badly done to little boy. He’s glad t finally emailed back. He was worried. We was all worried. But she does have a life too. Will message her back at the end of he week. Don’t wanna waste another message. The others messaged her. I didn’t know. Thats where the news about bee came about. I don’t know where she came from or why she’s there. Totally confused. T says the link to this blog didnt work. She needsnto google liljessiesblog then shell find it. Ill send her a proper link in next email. Shes silly sometimes. Mind you arent we all. I am waitin for the right time to tell her i found some mistakes on her website. Dya reckon thats unnecessary? Or that shed appreciate it? Dont wanna look a miss know it all. I just noticed thats all. Never mind i wont mention it. 

Guess what I’m doing today. Mating my dog. Ha as ya do. He’s good bloodlines and everything and the bitch is gorgeous. Wish theyd hurry up and get on with it though I wanna let jessie have some time to colour later.

Will have to see if we have time later


NowI’m going


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