so tired

I am absolutely shattered today. No idea why. I slept loads. Today iv spent all day washing stuff. Day seems to have disappeared though. Now I’m snuggling upto my puppies waiting for food to cook. One of jessies favourites, jacket spuds with cheese. He likes cheese. I’m sure hell be out to eat, play a little while then hell go back. So I can chill before bed. Isnt life exciting. We still have cold. And are hating it. I hate not been able to breathe easy. Pauls gone for more cold and flu medicine. I hope ill feel better soon. Fingers crossed.

I’m watching hollyoaks. Some girl tried topping herself. Nice. I think cause she was neen bullied. I got bullied for ever. Maybe not as badly as some but it made me hate school. Wasnt the bullying that made me try finish myself off though. I guess I’m glad my attempt didn’t work. I think it would make a few people sad if I had succeeded. Maybe t would have been upset. And my mum and stuff. Lol ye right. Anyway I’m going….


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