Today I feel bad. 

Today I feel like I should hurt myself.

Today I want to cut.

I hate being me.

I hate this life.

I hate paul.

I hate my friends.

I hate you all

I hate everyone who has things I want that they dont deserve.

I hate that I have to say sorry.

I hate that he makes me feel bad for something so silly.

I hate that he shouted at me and made me scared.

I hate that hes never sorry and its always my fault.

I hate that right now I hate you.

I wish I had taken the bus to my sisters and said go fuck to you and your attitude.


I wish I wasntin this room near you right now.

I wish I could say enough, stop being a prick.

I want to cut so bad. 

I wanna scream and cut.

I wanna see t.


Fuck it all.





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