lately i am struggling to sleep. its almost 4 am. yesterday i didnt get to sleep until 7am. i got up today at 11.30. and woke up a few times in between. i should be shattered. but here i am unable to sleep. im thinking about maybe askin g for some sleeping plls tomorrow when i go for more pills. i need to tell em the rightsteps thing didnt call too. i guess itll be super busy. 

today we visited pauls mum, payed the rent, visited daz, hesbpauls friend. i guess hes mine too. hes a right tit. only thing he talks about is sex! his world revolves around his next shag. maybe thats why i fucked him. who knows. sometimes i think i have really done a bit much in my life. some things, well people iv done do not make me feel good about myself. i enjoyed it though. i shivon enjoy swinging lifestyle. its fun. i enjoy flaunting what iv got. if you dont flaunt it they take it anyway so may as well damn enjoy it.


no ignore all that

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