I need to sleep! I feel like everything is going on around me but im in limp mode! I hate this. I really hope t can help us.

Its james here, im sad. I don’t wanna cuddle the bear, I don’t wanna have this stuff on my mind. I wanna sleep. I don’t really wanna see a t. They say we know this t. I don’t, i never met her. All of us didn’t meet her. We decided though, round the table that we gotta let host see her at least. Jessie will see her too even if secretly through host at first. He wants to show her pictures! He says t is nice, should i trust what he says. He is just a little boy. Only grown bad men lie.

Except paul he’s grown and old bur he doesn’t lie. He loves host, and says cause he loves her he loves us all cause we are part of her.

Maybe i should be more trusting. Come up front more. I guess i just don’t wanna get hurt more.


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