haven’t written for a few days.

So I haven’t been on here for a few days. I just haven’t felt upto it for some reason. Maybe it’s due to the new year. I don’t know, I guess I’m feeling pretty rubbish at the mo. We are having a nocturnal stage. I’m staying up til like 4 or 5 am then want to sleep all day. It’s making me feel like crap. Never mind though. Could be worse.

Some of the others have mentioned mailing t, but I guess I don’t wanna look needy. So I’m not allowing it. Jessie has been upset since new year. So he hasn’t been out much. Only for a bath. He loves baths. He says after our tablet he can’t get out cause I am too tired. I take it on evenings though so I can’t complain. I actually think the evil pills are working. I’m not over thinking as much. Time will tell though. Pauls mum has a little get together next eeek, we are going. Now upto now i’m not too anxious about it but I dunno what will happen on the day. I’m telling myself that everything will be fine.

Repeat after me, it will be FINE! IT WILL ALL BE FINE!!!

I really want to have a nice evening with them. I want 2013 to be the year I get out of my stupid anxiety. Cause that’s exactly what it is… stupid. I’m not anxious about my appointment with t either. I keep telling myself that will also all be fine.

I need to think goodness. Jessie likes drawing on the tablet we got. He has games on it too. He wants me to take it to ts so she can read elmer to him but I don’t think I will be doing that. I’ll let him have a little time to tell her all about it though. He’ll like that. He can’t wait to see her. He tells me he will draw her a picture tomorrow.

After shopping that is. I wanna go buy paint, brushes, bath mats and other bits and bats to sort this house out. I dunno if I’ll make it shopping though I just know i’d like to. So we’ll see.

Anyway i’m going… we’re bored. Bye.


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