happy today.

So its finally time that i can relax ๐Ÿ™‚ no screaming sister or whining kids. Sooooo peaceful. My house is also tidy. All this xmas trimming crap is coming down tomorrow too. Get things back to normal. Anyway i feel that i shoukd write about my xmas, because i did enjoy it, and i wanna be able to look back.

So xmas eve. We went to pic my bro in law, nephew and their dog up, and brought them back to my hous. Then i was left with deacon my nephew. Hes 17 months old i had to change a shitty nappy and entertain him. Which was fun. I think im really ready to be a mummy. Anyway i talked with stevie pauls son about my future kid. He thinks his dad will want a boy. Lol. Hes happy that we are trying i think. Anyway after a couple hour paul n leee returned with my sister and madison and the fun began. My sister is a screamer at her kids. The boys were in the shed getting stoned :/ me n my sis were with the kids. I enjoyed playing with them. Jessie got to come out a bit too. Also i was glad we hadnt gone to pauls mums i love been able to say i was enjoying myself.

Well the kids went yo bed, and we sorted all their pressies out. My living room was packed full! We followed to bed shortly after. Then had a shock to the system xmas day with a 6.45 wake up call. I was so tired i dont think i even took note of what the kids got for xmas. I did get a few bits though. Pjs another big ted slippers books a hoody and my favourite is the little elephant which pauls mum got me because i told her how much jessie likes elmer. I love that woman and how thoughtful she is. Anyway after present opening and shoving turkey in oven i went back to bed for an hour. Naughty i know but hey ho. Anyway. Around 1 my mother turned up. Was nice to see her i guess. She got me a locket for xmas. She got my sister one too. Its very petite and is silver. I dunno wat im meant to put in it? Anyway yago n her prick hubby were with her and they bought super big cars for the kids xmas pressys. Kids loved em.yago liked his mighty beans. I knew he would. My big bro sam showed up at around 2 was good to hace everyone there together. I was pleased id managed it and it was working. After a while and before our dinner was ready though my mum left. She had her own turkey to get home for. We had dinner at 4. Everything was cooked to perfection. I didnt forget to do anything. I was well chuffed. And everyone was happy with food. Go me.my bro and mrs didnt leave xmas day til bout 11 still had sis n kids tho haha. Anyway we had to move everything in the living room to make room for the table. Its tge garden onw we put a cloth over it. And then had 7 chairs and a highchair round it. It was hectic but fun. We almost didnt have crackers til sis in law saved the day. It was great really. Everyone was that stuffed with dinner that they didnt want any dessert of christmas pudding/cake or mince pies. Somehow me and my sis managed to cook a huge turkey and a joint of beef. Plus roasties/mash/new tatos, sprouts/brocolli/cauliflower/cabbage/peas/carrots/parsnip and yorkshires and sum stock gravy. Was beaut. Whod of thought i could cook something so good. So proud of myself. Even washed up straight after. And it didnt take as long as i thought it would.

After dinner we all tidied table away and then chilled watching total crap on tv. After wed finally got paul to turn the log fire dvd off that is. Lol. He actually thinks it made the room feel warmer. We all played with kids and their toys. Deacon is so smart. Hes 1 and will play with something for ages. Ge has such good concentration for his age. My smart little nephew. And his sister madison is a smarty pants too. Shes a little bitch though. Must get that from her mummy. Pmsl. Kids ended up in bed around 11.30 xmas day. We werent far behind. Was a tiring day.

Boxing day we had a bit of a lie in. Dont think we got up til about half 10. Then we came down and played with kids toys. Me n my sis played guess who connect 4 jenga and loads of other stuff. Oh i remember playing hungry hippos too. Then we coloured picrues. Well jessie coloured. He loved it. Playing with the kids made his day. He even wrote all over my sisters leg with jel pens. Paul and lee also made bubble n squeek. Yum yum. It was awesome. We had to make fresh mash though. My brother ate it all xmas day. He went for 4 servings extra through day of dinner. Bless him. Boxing day night i ended up having a bath with my niece. She apparently knows how to spell bath so spelling it out to tell paul where i was going so she wouldnt know didnt work. Was fun explaining lady bits… not. After explanations jessie had a bath with her we played with bubbles. And bath toys. An end to a brilliant day.

I must admit though i was happy to take them home on 27th. Id had enough. And wevhad the party woth pauls family that night. Which i must admit i really wasnt looking forward to. But after dropping sis off anf then running kids pressies to hers we came home and i started getting ready. Took me hr n half to straighten my hair. I wasnt in the mood for it. I got sorted though then we picked up stevie and then his gf laura. Then got to the party actually on time and looking fab witb sexy heels and the lot. We ate at thevpartu. Laughed. And ultimately had a brilliant time. I can honestly say im chuffed that i went. Gotta admit that was a really good end to xmas 2012. Was brilliant. I flirted with rick and his son. Lol as a young girl should. In a fun joking way. I really felt like my old fun self and it felt really good to laugh and be carefree. I slept better than i have in weeks that day.

The 28th meant chill time for us. Although we didnt. We went to doncaster for my tablet pc. Everywhere was out of stock. So we came home. I went to asda lol. Then made dinner. We decided to go visit andie n mel and wholst we were there managed to reserve a tablet to collect next day. Yay. Cant wait. Pauls jealous though. He wants one now. Lol. He says it should be the man having all the gadgets. Bless him. Ill try get him one in a few week if hes still wanting one. Looking forward to been able to use tablet instead of my phone for blogging/reading/forums. Its too small for it all hence all the typos. Anyway at 11.30pm i took the xmas trimmings down. Finally my living room looks normal again. I also had a nice bath. ๐Ÿ™‚ was lovely. Then stevie came and we watched harold n kumar xmas. Wasnt bad. Bedtime soon though its 3am. Im shattered. Hoping for a looooong lay in tomorrow. Before i go get my new toy. Hehe excited much. Itll be great for me and my others to use. :):)

Bye for now

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