is it over yet?

So christmas…. what a day. All tgat money stress and prepping for one day. My house is a shit tip. My bins are rammed full of boxes and wrapping paper, the house is full of toys amd i am absolutely knackered. Got woke up far too early this morning. To start cooking and see my niece and nephew open their gifts. Let me tell you smelling cooking food at that time of a morning made me feel sick! Got to about 9 and i had to go back to bed for an hour cause i felt super rough. Dinner was a success though. Kids enjoyed it and the washing up didn’t take as long as i thought. I know for a fact though, next year xmas is not at my house. Cant wait for silence and chill time

Oh im looking forward to getting my new tablet too 🙂 im waiting till kids go home to get that. Dont want em breaking it. Cant wait for a longggg bath too! Boy do i need to chill some. Still we have the party on 27th though. Not that i can be arsed at all!!! Will try go though.

So my bathroom stinks. Sprouts and men for ya!! Now i need to wash up for abiut the 20th time today. Then i am going to bed. So tired.


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