quick update…

So its almost xmas. My family coming tomorrow. Its gonna be a hectic one. Im lookin forward tobit though. Kinda. Ill be glad when i can stop cleaning though. I want things perfect for when theyvcome. I want my mother to be pleased i did well for the xmas event. Fat chance she will even notice though.

The 18th Jan is all sorted. First T session with old T. Not really that worried aboutbit at the minute. Time will tell though. T says she is looking forward to seeing us. Jessie is excited also. Hes in a very good mood today. My partners mom got him an xmas present! A little elephant keyring. We almost cried when we opened it! I love her so much. She thinks about us all so much. For her understanding i am eternally grateful.

You all might be pleased to know that despite lackbof my monthlybi am not pregnant. Also what with all thebfun planned. I do believe that now my body has decided it will begin said monthly! Brill huh?? Hoping it isnt gonna be painful or troublesome! Still i have some magic tabs if it becomes too much from the last super bad one which just stops/delays the cycle. We shall see. I have my fingers crossed tightly that the endometriosis will not show its uglyness to much and let me have a painfree xmas.

Anyway im going. Its chill time. I will try write more when i have a spare 5 mins over next few days 🙂



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