internal struggle continued…

So as i said earlier we are having a strugfle today. We are waiting for T to confirm the setup she mentioned. She did say she would be in touch with her manager this week and get back to us. I guess she may have been held up but i can’t help having bad thoughts. I don’t think i am being irrational. What if she has changed her mind. We are all doing our bestest not to mail her and just wait for her to mail us but its hard! I wanna tell her we went to the docs and her to be pleased i went. Jessie never started his email to her last night. He’s confused. He says that he will wait til he has something important to tel her. The insiders are kinda feeling like she didn’t wanna know what was in the messages. She didn’t even answer questions sent to her by me or the others.

If i could ask and get a straight answer these would be the questions we would ask;
What did Jessie say when you recorded our session back then?
When he said he didn’t want to go for a full session. Where was he talkimg about?
Why is Jessie a boy? When i am female. How can he remember things?
Why didn’t you reply to everyones thoughts about your plan of action?
Why didn’t you reply regarding me getting those poems and stuff from you?
Why did you say for ua all to share a message then only message Jessie back?
How come you reply to g’ma but not the rest of us?
Why are you so kind to us?
Why are we being so pathetic?

James and Nat


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